1960 Chevrolet Corvair

The Chevrolet Corvair is a compact car produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1960 through 1969 model years. The Corvair has the distinction of having been the only American made, mass produced passenger car to feature a rear-mounted engine, an air cooled, horizontally opposed, aluminum six cylinder that produced 80 hp. Chevrolet initially marketed the Corvair as a six passenger four-door sedan, and subsequently as coupe, convertible and station wagon models. The Corvair was a successful model for Chevrolet with annual sales exceeding 200,000 for each of its first six model years. Chevrolet deliberately designed it as a radical departure from the conventional Chevrolet. The rear engine design offered packaging and economy advantages, providing the car with a lower silhouette, flat passenger compartment floor, reduced need for air conditioning, dramatic improvements in ride quality, traction, and braking balance. The Corvair stood out with engineering significantly different from other American offerings. The Corvair represented a breakthrough in unibody construction for mass produced Detroit vehicles, the most successful automobile of this type up to that time, with 1,786,243 cars being produced between 1960 and 1969. The Corvair was built from uniform molds and relied on the shaping of the glass and doors for help with structural integrity.

1960 Corvair

1960 Corvair - 001

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