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Kangaroo is a generic name for any of a number of self propelled guns or tanks converted to armored personnel carriers. The first Kangaroos were created in July 1944 by Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds, commander of the II Canadian Corps. They were converted from 102 M-7 Priest self propelled guns taken from the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. At a field workshop codenamed Kangaroo, they were stripped of their 105mm guns, the front aperture welded over and sent into service carrying twelve troops. They were first used on August 8, 1944 during Operation Totalize south of Caen. They were also used in attacks on the various Channel ports and in the Italian campaign. By late 1944 the Defrocked Priests were badly in need of repair and overhaul so they were replaced by other conversions. The Kangaroos were so successful that they were soon being used by British forces as well. Their ability to maneuver in the field with the tanks was a major advantage over earlier designs and later led to the dedicated APC designs that were introduced by almost all armies immediately after the war. This model shows a Kangaroo with the New Zealand Army in Northern Italy during 1944



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