Polemikí Aeroporía

PZL P.24 Fighter

The PZL P.24 was developed as an export variant of the PZL P.11. Designed in the early 1930s and first flying in May 1933, the PZL P.11 was a unique gull winged fighter plane that became the main Polish fighter plane of WWII. The P.24 had a modified fuselage and a different engine than the P.11. Even though the P.24 was considered an improvement over the P.11, the P.24 was not bought by the Polish Air Force. It was used by Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Abyssinia. The PZL P.24 was the main Greek fighter at a time of the Italian attack in 1940 and fought Italian bombers during the Greco-Italian War. The PZL P.24 was armed with 2 20 mm Oerlikon FF cannons and 2 7.92 mm Colt-Browning machineguns.

PZL P.24 Fighter

Pzl p-24 - 003


More Pictures of the PZL P.24 Fighter

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