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Ford TFC

The Ford TFC was the first armored car made in Poland. Designed by Tadeusz Tanski, the TFC was built on the Ford Model T chassis. The armored body was made of WWI German trench plates mounted on a frame. There was one backward opening hatch on each side of the body and a two part hatch above the driver. The radiator was covered by armored doors and a spare wheel was carried inside. The turret was a pentagon shape that narrowed towards the front and had a small hatch on the top. The total weight of armor was about 1300 pounds. The TFC was powered by a Ford 22.5 HP 4 cylinder, 4 stroke water cooled engine. The TFC had a crew of two and was armed with one water cooled Maxim 7.92mm machine gun with 1250 rounds. The TFC was first used in the Polish – Soviet 1919-1920 war and was withdrawn from service in 1931. This model shows a TFC during the Polish – Soviet war in 1920.

Ford TFC

Ford TFC - 002

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