Proton 8K82K

The Proton series of launch vehicles was authorized in a Soviet the decree of August 3, 1964. Development continued until 1977. The Proton is part of the Universal Rocket family of Soviet/Russian launchers. The four stage version has a guidance unit in the fourth stage, which reduces payload but does not require the spacecraft's guidance system to provide steering commands to booster. The Proton has a success rate of 93.33%. The payload is 1,880 kg. to a geosynchronous orbital trajectory. Liftoff Thrust is 902,100 kgf. This model shows a Proton 8K872K Block-DM3C configured to launch an Astra direct TV satellite.

Proton 8K872K Block-DM3C - Astra

Proton K #262  DM-3 001  Proton K #262  DM-3 002  Proton K #262  DM-3 003  Proton K #262  DM-3 004

Proton K #262  DM-3 010  Proton K #262  DM-3 015  Proton K #262  DM-3 012  Proton K #262  DM-3 013

Proton K #262  DM-3 014

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