Soyuz U-2

The Soyuz launcher was developed from the 1950’s R-7 ICBM. While the R-7 was not a very successful as an ICBM it was developed into a highly successful series of space launchers. Capable of lifting 15,540 lbs low earth orbit, with the addition of various stages, the R-7 family of rockets has a success rate of 97.7% over 1628 launches.

The Soyuz TM spacecraft is a modernized version of the Soyuz T with new docking and rendezvous, communications, emergency and integrated parachute/landing engine systems. It uses a more durable metal body and lighter heat shield material. It was the manned spacecraft used to ferry crews to Mir and the International Space Station.

This model shows a Soyuz U-2 Rocket with the Soyuz TM-12 spacecraft that was launched on May 18, 1991 with two Soviet and one British Astronauts to the Mir spacestation.

Soyuz U-2 Launcher

 Soyuz TM 001  Soyuz TM 002  Soyuz TM 003

Soyuz TM 004  Soyuz TM 005 

Soyuz TM 006  Soyuz TM 007  Soyuz TM 008


Soyuz TM 009  Soyuz TM 010

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